Team A

Notice for Blending Trip – Team A


I. Accommodation: Saints house.

II. Blending Meeting:
 A. Please prepare a brief introduction of the campus work from each locality with a 5-minute multimedia presentation if possible.
 B. Please prepare a hymn in your local language to share with the saints.

III. Blending Trip:
 A. For Permai Rain Forrest jungle trekking: Please bring hat, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent, towel, and a set of changing clothes. Wear gloves, sport or trekking shoes and proper clothing for hiking.
 B. Personal needs: Personal medications, earplugs, eye mask, hat, sunglasses.
 C. Others: RM100-120, personal ID card, student ID card, health insurance card, mosquito repellent, pain relief ointment (Mentholatum/tiger balm), motion sickness medicine, cell phone, power bank, umbrella, water bottle.

IV. Attentions:
 A. Please use sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and wear thin long sleeve clothes to avoid sunburn in the hot weather.
 B. Always stay with your group. (Individual Separating from your group is not allowed.) Group leaders should take roll, make sure no one leaves the group, and bring your cell phone with full battery to facilitate contact.

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